General Packing List


This is a general packing list for basic trips.  Don't forget money for meals or special events on the trip you are taking. Mission trips usually require students to bring their own tools and ski retreats require cold weather gear (which many times can be rented.)

General Packing List for Overnight Trips:
   _ Bible
   _ Mirror
   _ Insect repellent
   _ Suntan/burn lotion
   _ Towels and washcloths
   _ Pillow
   _ Rain gear
   _ Camera
   _ Light jacket
   _ Sunglasses
   _ Pen or pencil
   _ Sleeping bag
   _ T-shirts with sleeves (guys and girls: no midriff tops or tops with spaghetti straps, including dresses.)
   _ Shorts (no short-shorts)
   _ Personal toiletries (comb, soap, toothbrush, deodorant, etc.)
   _ Plastic bags for soiled clothing
   _ Socks and underwear
   _ Personal family health insurance card
   _ Money for Snacks/Souvenirs
   _ Modest Swimsuit

For Project Barrow:

 -Air Mattress/Sheets/Sleeping Bag/Pillow
 -Pen or pencil
 -Closed-toed shoes and Flip Flops for showers
 -Shirts with sleeves
 -Pants (especially if working construction)
 -Socks & underwear
 -Hat or visor
 -Insect repellent
 -Durable water bottle (refillable)
 -Personal toiletries (comb, soap, toothbrush, deodorant, etc)
 -Plastic bags for soiled clothing
 -Personal family health insurance card (and Medical Waiver if not already turned in)
 -Work gloves
 -Safety goggles
 -Tools for your project (hammers, paint brushes, paint rollers, paint trays, nail apron, etc.)