About our Student Ministry

What to expect on Sunday Mornings -

Many of our students attend the 9am worship service. After the service, students gather outside of the Youth Center on the 3rd floor of our facility.  Once the doors open to the Youth Center, student line up for a warm biscuit or some type of breakfast.  Student then can find a seat, meet friends, and have some social time.  Our Student Pastor will introduce the morning lesson, give some announcements, and then dismiss students to their classes.  One of our Youth Leaders will be glad to assist you in finding your class.  We hope you will be our guest on a Sunday morning very soon!
The Student Ministry at FBC Winder exists to:
·  Teach God’s truth to prepare young people for a lifelong walk with Christ.
·  Help students embrace the foundations of their faith as they encounter a godless culture
·  Build relationships with students to provide opportunities to enhance teaching moments
·  Aid and equip parents as the spiritual authority in a child’s life
FAQ's -
What do I need to do to stay connected? …Sign up for the Student Ministry Newsletter Join our Group and follow our Community Page on Facebook!  Also, be sure to check the First Edition (our church bulletin) and read the monthly church newsletter, The First.
We’re not going to be able to go to camp after paying our deposit.  Can we get the deposit back? …No.  I’m really sorry that we have to tell you that, but our deposits are non-refundable.  They go straight to the camp, agency, or whoever is putting on the event and the event will not return the money.  We will always strive to be fair, honest, and up front about these matters.  So if there’s any way we can help you we will, but the actual deposit goes to the event and is non-refundable. 
How old do you have to be to participate in the Student Ministry?  …The Student Ministry is for 6th to 12th grade students.  We do allow and encourage our college students to help lead our ministry, as well.
Will my child be with those…um…big kids?  …Yes and No.  We will take trips together, participate in Youth Worship as one group, and do many activities together.  However, small group teaching times and rooming assignments will always be divided by age.  Our long term goal is to have a ministry large enough that the middle and high school ministries can operate separately. 
Could the youth group come help us move?  …No, we do not move or organize moves for members, non-members, or those new to the area.  This is not to say that students involved in our ministry can’t help move people, but the church office will not be responsible for corresponding with students in order to arrange a move.
Expectation of Parents:
            We expect every parent to be involved!  We believe Student Ministry starts at home with parents and we are simply reinforcing what you already teach.  As you lead your children to have lives that honor God, we want to give you the opportunity to lead them at church, as well.   Whether it is chaperoning an activity, leading a small group, hosting for D-now, or providing breakfast, we expect every parent to lend a hand as we work together to lead our children in a way honoring to God.